With Electra, Conventional Travel Agents Now Can Compete with OTA

With Electra, Conventional Travel Agents Now Can Compete with OTA
422/5000 Saber launches Electra, an e-commerce-based booking engine platform to help sustain the business of conventional travel agents on Friday (7/19/2019). Image source: AVTEN/Ery.

avten.asia - To help conventional travel agents businesses to be able to compete with online travel agents (OTA), Saber (Garuda Indonesia subsidiary) today (Friday, 7/19/2019) launching the 'Electra', an online-based marketplace platform.

With this platform, conventional travel agents, both companies and individuals can be helped in serving their service users.

Electra was created because many conventional travel agents have difficulty competing with OTAs. This is due to the shifting patterns of community behavior from manual methods to online-based methods. The impact, this led to disruption in the business of conventional travel agents.

At the launch of this e-commerce-based booking engine platform on Friday noon, President Director of Saber Indonesia, Deny Fajar explained, the main obstacle faced by conventional travel agents business people was their weak vision and strategic anticipation in the face of the digital era.

This matter compounded by the long and complicated access to the ticket licensing process, including the payment system. In addition, a large investment is needed to build gadget-based applications from the business being run. Added with the lack of understanding about the work patterns of digital marketing.

As a solution to the disruption, Electra comes with a variety of features needed. Starting from online payment, travel insurance, travel cash, to pay later that supported by third parties from banks.

Deny explained, travel agents who register for Electra will automatically get the website domain according to the name of the travel agent in the form of mobile apps that can be downloaded on the Google Play and App Store.

"The advantage of registering Electra for travel business people is the ownership of an online application that is connected to all domestic and international airlines, along with features that benefit consumers instantly," said Deny.

"We don't want the market balance to be damaged just because (conventional travel agents) are not adaptive to change (digital era). That way the traveling ecosystem will get a fresh breeze, will get a new expectation from the obstacle they currently feel. "

Electra cooperates with IPaymu as an online payment system provider partner, and also Bank Artha Graha as a provider of banking services.

"We hope that the presence and easiness provided by Electra will make conventional travel agent businesses have the opportunity and new energy to develop their businesses even greater," hoped Deny.

"Today we are launching, 1,000 cards have been prepared by Bank Artha Graha through IPaymu. We will distribute it to all travel agents. Totally, we have 4,800 distribution channels, 470 have already stated officially join us," he closed.