The Biggest Hope of PTDI Chief Test Pilot about N219 Development

AVTEN - N219 Nurtanio is a passenger aircraft with a capacity of 19 people equipped with a turboprop engine.

As we know, Friday (12/21/2018) ago, the second  prototype of N219 Nurtanio planes with registration number PK-XDP has successfully conduct its the first flight test.

Previously, the first prototype of the aircraft (with registration number PK-XDT) develops by Indonesian Aerospace (official name is PT Dirgantara Indonesia/PTDI) with LAPAN was aired on August 16.

This aircraft is able to take off and land on a short unprepared runway, so that in the future this aircraft will become the backbone of inter-regional connectivity in Indonesia, especially for pioneer flights.

PTDI hopes that this aircraft will be able to pocket certification in 2019, so that in the same year the aircraft can enter the production line.