Hong Kong International Airport’s Trenchless Pipeline Installation Wins International Award

Hong Kong International Airport’s Trenchless Pipeline Installation Wins International Award
Hong Kong International Airport. Image source: Arup.

AVTEN – The International Society for Trenchless Technology has selected the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Installation at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to receive the 2018 No-Dig Award in the Project Award category.

Black & Veatch served as the contractor’s designer for the non-dredged installation.

HKIA selected a project team with international, Mainland China and Hong Kong experience to excel in the science and technology innovation.

“Our global experience with complex projects enhanced our collaboration with the cross-cultural project team to identify optimal solutions that meet HKIA’s requirements. These solutions include co-developing a method for long-distance drilling; designing a set of tailor-made drill pipes to support drilling to a distance of 5.2 kilometers; and developing a suitable drilling fluid and proper coating system to provide a 50-year life expectancy for the pipeline,” said Andy Kwok, Managing Director, Black & Veatch Hong Kong, Tuesday, (1/29/2019).

The two existing aviation fuel pipelines are laid 10 meters below the seabed. As parts of them lie within the land formation footprint of the airport’s future Three-runway System, a section had to be diverted to ensure the continuous supply of fuel to the airport will not be affected by reclamation works.

HKIA adopted HDD to install two new 500 millimeter-diameter aviation fuel pipelines in the rock stratum at 100m below seabed to replace the existing pipelines. The no-dig method met its requirements for an environmentally-friendly design that would minimize disturbance to the marine environment.

Deploying the intersection construction method for long-distance drilling allowed Black & Veatch and the project team to shorten the drilling length, which effectively reduced both construction and environmental risks.

The HKIA project reflects Black & Veatch’s long-term business strategy of delivering optimal solutions to complicated requirements that align to Hong Kong’s development plans. A recent example of this strategy includes the company’s appointment to address the future water demands of Lantau Island.