3 Civil Rotorcrafts of Russian Helicopters be a Highlight at MAKS 2019

3 Civil Rotorcrafts of Russian Helicopters be a Highlight at MAKS 2019

avten.asia - Three of the newest Russian Helicopters' civil rotorcraft products be a highlight at the International Aviation and Space Salon (Mezhdunarodnyj Aviatsionno-Kosmicheskij Salon/ MAKS) 2019.

In the company's official statement (8/26/2019), the three helicopters are Kamov Ka-62 medium-sized multi-purpose helicopter, the first serial Mil Mi-38 helicopter, and light-weight Ansat Aurus helicopter.

This year is the Ka-62's first debut at the MAKS exhibition. A very different from its predecessor helicopters, the Ka-62 does not carry the concept of contra-rotating on its main rotor. The concept of the two-tiered main rotor that characterizes Kamov was abandoned in order to give birth to a medium multi-purpose helicopter for the civil aviation market.

Kamov Ka-62 helicopter. Image Source: Russian Helicopters.

In addition, the number of Kamov's typical rotor blades totaling three were also abandoned, now becoming five blades. Uniquely, for the first time in history, Russian-made helicopters use fenestron on vertical tail fins as commonly used by Airbus manufacturer helicopters.

The Mi-38 is a civil helicopter product with a very comfortable cabin. The VIP version of this helicopter can accommodate 11 passengers, while the basic version can carry up to 30 passengers. The flight range of the new helicopter is up to 1.200 kilometers.

Mil Mi-38 helicopters. Image source: Russian Helicopters.

Kazan Helicopters is continuing innovation to its product, Ansat. Collaborating with Russian luxury car manufacturer, Aurus, they produced the helicopter version of Ansat Aurus with a VIP configuration.

Ansat Aurus helicopter. Image source: Russian Helicopters.

This chopper has a cabin with a design style typical of the Aurus luxury car interior design. The development of this helicopter also involved experts from NAMI (Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute).

MAKS 2019 was held at Zhukovsky International Airport, Zhukovsky, Russia on August 27-September 1 2019.